Significant Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation

We have prosecuted many cases for victims of serious accidents and wrongful deaths. We have also defended many of these cases for our developer and hotel clients as well.

We believe this experience makes us more effective and understanding on both sides of these tragedies. If you are coping with a tragedy of serious injury or death, please consider whether we can help. We offer compassionate, realistic, and results-oriented legal representation for people involved in serious accidents, and their families.

Representative Cases

A young motorcyclist and his wife recovered $3.5 million in settlement after a school bus struck him from behind while he was stopped by traffic at a freeway entrance. The accident left him with multiple back fractures and permanent pain, and impacted their married life.

The family of a skilled worker killed by a defective concrete pump recovered $2.2 million in settlement from the German pump manufacturer.

The parents of an adult daughter recovered $1.5 million in settlement for her wrongful death after she was struck by a bus in Los Angeles. The entire family had immigrated to the US from the Caribbean a few years earlier.

Five elderly migrant workers were attacked by eight teenage boys in a widely publicized hate crime that resulted in guilty pleas by all the boys. The migrants sued the boys and their parents, and settled for $1.36 million paid by their insurers, despite California law barring insurance coverage for criminal acts.

In five cases filed in four different states, one of which was tried to a jury verdict in the Detroit federal court, plaintiffs recovered a total of $1.3 million from a German car manufacturer. The plaintiffs had all suffered burns of varying severity when plastic pipes failed in the cars’ defective cooling system, and hot coolant escaped.

A pediatrician and her husband received $1.27 million in settlement from a hospital where she was given a misplaced injection that left her in permanent pain.

A young man undergoing drug rehabilitation had his major hand mutilated in a roll-over auto collision with an express delivery van. He recovered $650,000 in settlement from the delivery company, despite having emotional problems that made it impossible for him to go to trial.

An accountant injured by a fall in an overcrowded nightclub recovered $405,000 in settlement from the nightclub operators.

A guest speaker injured by a fall from an unsafe hotel stage recovered $350,000 in settlement from the hotel.

A vehicle passenger injured in a collision between a pickup and a trash truck recovered $320,000 in settlement from both drivers on the first day of trial.

An avid bicyclist recovered $300,000 in settlement from a general contractor and an equipment delivery company after he collided with a delivery truck illegally parked outside a construction site.

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